The BscScan Developer APIs provide the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) community with accessible and consistent BSC data. The APIs are free for the community with a maximum rate limit of up to 5 calls per sec/IP with a valid API key.

Starting from April 15th, 2021, all developers are required to use a valid API key to access the API services provided by BscScan.

During the enforcement of the API key requirement, developers will expect the return errors listed, where an API key is not in use or exceeding the rate limit.

  1. The 5 calls per sec/IP rate limit is exceeded:
{"status":"0","message":"NOTOK","result":"Max rate limit reached"}

  1. An API request with a blank API Key or the default "YourApiKeyToken":
{"status":"1","message":"OK-Missing/Invalid API Key, rate limit of 1/5sec applied","result":"595623370144773018344492"}

  1. An API request with Invalid API Key:
{"status":"0","message":"NOTOK","result":"Invalid API Key"}

  1. API requests with Invalid API Key exceeding limit:
{"status":"0","message":"NOTOK","result":"Too many invalid api key attempts, please try again later"}

For more information, kindly visit BscScan API Requirement Announcement


Status: 1 - Ok , 0 - Not ok
Message: Ok - Success , Notok - Failed 
(Additional messages might be included based on scenarios. Refer API KeLimit & errors for more info)
Result: Return the API results