The APIs are provided as a community service with a maximum rate limit of up to 5 calls per sec/IP.

Starting from April 15th, 2021, all developers must use a valid API key to access the API services provided by BscScan. If you are already using a valid API key together with your call requests, then you are good to go. However, if you have not, please register for a free API key on our website. Failure to register and later use of an API will result in an error stating “Invalid API Key.”

To register for an API key, developers must first register for a BscScan account. A single BscScan account allows the creation of 3 API keys.

On the BscScan user dashboard, you can select “API-KEYs” from the left-hand side column.

A pop-up as below will appear when you click on “Create a new API-KEY token.” You can assign a name to the particular API key you intended to create.

You can now utilize the newly created API key for your applications.

Expected Return Error from API:

Invalid API Key:
{"status":"0","message":"NOTOK","result":"Error! Invalid API Key"}

The 5 calls per sec/IP rate limit is exceeded:
{"status":"0","message":"NOTOK","result":"Maximum rate limit reached"}

If you face any issues creating an API key or using our API, kindly reach out to BscScan Support.