Verify Address Ownership process involves verifying the ownership of a smart contract address with the BNB Smart Chain address used to create the smart contract and then link the contract address to the owner's BscScan account.

A signed message by the deployer/contract owner is a security step to ensure only the owner/creator of a contract address can update the token information of the contract they deploy.

Moving forward, once a user has claimed ownership of a contract address, the user will be able to update their token information, and address name tag without needing to sign a new message for future submissions.

The contract owner can verify ownership of multiple addresses under a single BscScan account.

To have an address verified, the user would need :

  1. A BscScan account
  2. To have signed a message once to verified ownership of each address

Features available upon verification of address ownership :

  1. Update Token Info
  2. Update Token Sales Info
  3. Update address Name Tag / Labels