Developers can verify their smart contract source code on BscScan. This feature is to validate the function and feature of the deployed contract match the actual source code.  

Source code verification provides transparency for users interacting with smart contracts. 

By uploading the source code, Bscscan will match the compiled bytecode with the deployed bytecode on the blockchain.

To verify the source code of your contract, kindly follow the steps here: 

Ethercan offers 3 types of verification methods:

  • Single solidity file (flattened)
  • Multi solidity file (import path under the same directory e.g. ./safemath.sol)
  • Solidity input JSON

Important things to note during smart contract source code verification:

  • Ensure you select the compiler version
  • Ensure that you have indicated a licensing for your source code
  • Note the optimization setting and the runs
  • The constructor argument is correct (if any)