BNB Smart Chain is a Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus distributed ledger with a system of 21 validators aimed at short block time and lower fees. Validators are tasked with producing blocks. Binance Smart Chain has many security features such as double-sign detection and other slashing logic which guarantee stability, and chain finality.

The BNB Smart Chain is EVM-compatible thus developers can deploy smart contracts and build Dapps on the chain. Cross-chain transfer and other communication are possible with Relayers who are responsible to submit Cross-Chain Communication Packages between Binance Chain and BNB Smart Chain. The dual-chain architecture creates a seamless ecosystem for users to take advantage of the fast trading on the Binance Chain and EVM based development on BNB Smart Chain.

Features of BNB Smart Chain includes:

  • Secured self-sovereign blockchain 
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible
  • On-chain governance:

Resources: Binance Smart Chain White Paper